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“O Mary,go and cell the cattle home/poem

“O Mary, go and call the cattle home,

And cell the cattle home,

Across the sands of Dee!”

The western wind was wild and dank with foam,

And all alone went she.


The western tide crept up along the sand,

And O, er And O, er the sand,

And round and round the sand,

As far as the eye could see.

The rolling mist came down and hid the land:

And never home came she.

“Oh! is it weed, or fish, or floating hair_

A tress of golden hair,

A drowned maiden,s hair,

Above the nets at sea?

Was never salmon yet that shone so fair

Among the stakes of Dee.”



The poem is about a little girl who was asked to bring the cattle home. dusk was falling and the day was stormy, tides were rising. as soon as the girl landed on the shore of dee,mist-covered all around. thus the theme of the poem can be the constructive and destructive power of river i,e. nature

(Edited by Selim Reza)

By warm panda

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